Great Giddo

Things are getting back to normal around here now that GiGi is back this week after spending a few weeks in Jacksonville, FL visiting Great Giddo and family. Edie's Great Giddo is not feeling well and needs your prayers. Scott is planning to go to Jacksonville to visit him in the next few weeks. Edie and I would like to go along as well but I am afraid of flying with her this early. So we will stay behind for now and hold down the fort.

While GiGi was out of town Edie and I ate, worked, played, ate, worked and played some more. I had a couple of days I did not think I would make it working and keeping her at the same time - but as you can see we made it just fine. Actually looking back she was perfect it was my customers who were driving me crazy!!

Edie is now eating cereal for breakfast and a solid at dinner. We have tried most all of the vegies at this point and she has done really well with all of them. We do believe that so far the carrots are her favorite. i can not wait to give her fruit since it will be her first really sweet taste. She is eating really well with the spoon and seems to enjoy being in her highchair. I think daddy does a better job of keeping her clean during feeding than I do. She is so in love with Scott. Her face just lights up when he is around her.

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