Monday Night - Date Night

Last Monday night Scott and I did something we have not done in a long time. We went to a concert and a great concert at that! We joined up with our dear friends Jimmy, Vanessa, Russell and Stacey for the Coldplay concert. It was so much fun!! We had awesome seats - they were up there but they were right in the center of the stage which made the viewing easy. During the course of the concert they dropped huge balls which the crowd hit and bounced around the venue. They also had butterfly.... dragonfly...some type of fly... confetti fall from the sky during later part of the concert. But the best part, was when the band moved from the center stage and jumped on a mini stage just a couple of sections over from us and played! It was great! I was screaming like I was 13! When we all left the concert they gave each person a CD of a recently recorded live concert from their tour which was really neat too. The place was packed, the energy was great, Coldplay was Awesome and the company was even better! We had a wonderful time.

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