Poo Poo Head

So this was a first.......Friday afternoon Edie and I were heading to meet Scott after work for dinner. I went up to wake sleeping beauty after her 2 1/2 hour nap!! She still was not quite awake so to keep from startling her I flipped on her lamp. To my surprise I noticed her diaper was loose. I went to strap it back and realized it actually was not even under her but loose and just lying under her. So I quickly flipped on the room light expecting to find that she had peed in her bed - no worries however because she has a sheet saver under each of the bed sheets. What I did find was a smiling face with poo poo from HEAD to TOE!!!! Stricken with panic I did not know what to do first. I ran to the bathroom to fill the tub with water but stopped to run back to her room because I knew I needed to get her out of her self made finger painting party. So in the tub she went half asleep, half laughing and really smelly!
After the episode I wished I had taken a picture of her in all of her glory. We were able to disinfect her, her bed and her sheets before dinner. It was a learning experience for me. Never again will I put Edie to bed without pants or a diaper cover. I still am unsure if the culprit was the cheap Publix diaper or that she simply took off her own dirty diaper since mommy did not do it for her! Fun times!!

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  1. Hi! I'm a friend of Kelli's, and I saw your link on her blog. I just wanted to tell my daughter has done this more than once, and we've had it smeared all over the walls (and she was 2!)