Happy Mother's Day!

I love my Edie and I love my Scott! Sweet daddy gave me a surprise day at the Ross Bridge Resort and Spa on Saturday. He surprised me with a massage and a facial. It was perfect! After being greeted and checked in I changed into my robe and sat in a waiting area where they served snacks of fresh fruit and teas. I then had my massage and afterwards my facial. These were WONDERFUL!! But one of the best parts was after the treatments they did not rush you out. You were actually invited to stay as long as you wanted to enjoy the "Quiet Room" where there were lounging chairs, books, dim lights and a hot tub. You could also use the steam room, showers, etc. So I drank about six cups of tea and a plate full of fruit and nuts while in the "Quiet Room" (where there was no loud talking aloud), I took a short nap, then I sat in the steam room for as long as I could stand it. I then showered. Not because I needed to - but just because I wanted to. It was so fun and relaxing. Actually my treatments only lasted an 1 1/2, but I ended up staying there for about 4 hours! It was a great day!

On Sunday afternoon we had everyone over for a late lunch of hot wings, potato salad, baked beans, banana pudding and homemade ice cream. Edie, Wyatt and Wesley made Gigi, Nan and Kelli a hand towel for the kitchen with their names and all of the kids hand prints on them. They turned out really cute. When Edie was printing her hand on Gigi's towel she wadded her hand up quicker than I could pull it away so it sorta ended up being a "hand blob" rather than a hand print. It was still cute and though and really reflects Edie's personality. Quick, busy, messy, fun and you never know what you are going to get! Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous13.5.09

    Well nothing like setting the bar HIGH is it Scott? You did good. Hello from the Lovell fam.

  2. How wonderful! Glad you had a great Mommy's Day! I got a bluetooth for my phone-bc I could never hold the phone to talk to my peeps while the kids were awake... Needed it for my own sanity, sorta like a day at the spa, I guess :)