Bama Fans....BIG & small

Edie was something else over the weekend. She was in the best mood and everything was so funny to her :) She clapped, sang, screamed with glee and laughed more than I have ever heard her laugh before. Scott and I loved every minute of it too!! She also started jumping on the sofa. So every time Scott would say "Touchdown Bama!" Edie would climb up on the sofa and jump. She thought it was the best thing ever. Cute yes - dangerous YES! But how can you say no to this sweet little thing in her Bama shorts :) Scott purchased these Saturday morning when he and Edie went for her Chocolate Cheerios at the grocery store. What a cute Bama Baby!!
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  1. These are the best pictures ever! I tink Edie is practicing to be an Alabama cheerleader!