The Backyardigans


Our yard was pretty much useless before. We did not spend a whole lot of time out there. But now we are out there almost every evening. We extended our patio by adding a raised flagstone area. We wanted to keep it as natural looking as possible so we had grass planted in between each stone. Not only did it extend our patio but it really seems to have made our yard as a whole feel a lot bigger. A lot of the space that was previously useless to us is now filled with stone making the whole patio much bigger.

We (I mean Scott) used the leftover flagstone to make a border for our flower bed. We bought a few more plants, relocated others and we are now well on our way to the courtyard feel we are shooting for! We still intend to have the patio stained to match the flagstone and plant more plants in the spring. But for now we are just enjoying our new backyard and the cooler nights!! More to come!
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We have been have been busy with our back yard for several, several weeks now. We still have a little left to do, but we are so happy with the end results so far! If you have ever been to our house you know how small our yard is. Which is OK. We did not buy because of the yard, we bought because of the potential the neighborhood has once it is fully developed. Granted we may not even be here once that day comes but for now we are going to enjoy every inch of it!

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  1. Anonymous1.10.10

    Beautiful job would you like to come and do mine?