We had so much fun this Halloween Trick or Treating at our neighborhood and participating in a Halloween parade in Aunt Mindy and Uncle Chuck's neighborhood. All the children were so cute all dressed in their costumes and fun. Even several of the Adults in the neighborhood got into the Halloween spirit, including us! Edie went this year as what else but a Ladybug. She was a very colorful Ladybug at that with her pink, purple and green pants and hot pink sneakers. Although she did not wear her antennas very long she did look cute in them. The only thing she was a little confused about was the candy part. At one house she politely went to the bowl and picked one piece at a time and then politely placed each piece of candy (one at a time) in the neighbors pumpkin instead of in her bag? The other thing we will have to work on next year is learning why we can't go inside of every ones home. For some reason she thought this night was a time for her to go in and visit with everyone. We will work on that next year!
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