More Beautiful Each Day

"I" had a play date with Edie at Joe Tucker park and we enjoyed this beautiful weather! If you have never been to this park in Helena it really is very nice. It is a boundless park which means it is for everyone! Special needs, handicap, typical - Everyone! They have a lot of great activities to play on and with. We had so much fun just being together and playing. I asked Edie at one time to go over to the slide and sit on it and smile so I could take a picture. I expected her usual pose with her thumb in her mouth, but not this time! I honestly believe she gets even more beautiful each day. If that is possible :) Man I LOVE this little girl!!
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  1. She is so precious! And her hair has gotten so long! Glad she is doing well =)

  2. Anonymous29.12.10

    Edie's shoes are the best. I think every kid under the age of 5 has had a pair exactly like that. They should make those for adults.