Bubble Bath Time

Tonight we had two special treats tonight. First treat - Daddy came home! Edie was all smiles too. It was if I did not even exist once Scott walked into the room. Edie LOVES her Daddy. Second treat we bought Edie a bubble machine that sticks to the side of the tub. She loves it! Not only does she love the bubbles but she also loves to sit up like a big girl and splash, splash, splash in the water. Bath time is one of Edie's favorite things to do. She is getting so big and progressing so well. So well in fact that we have been asked by ARC (in home early intervention therapist) to come up with some new goals for her. At this point Edie has conquered her goals of rolling over, pivoting while on tummy, holding two objects in both hands, holding her head up, sitting well in her high chair, grasping for toys, looking for dropped toys, and sitting while assisted - plus many more. I am now looking forward to working on siting alone, creeping, crawling, pulling up and eating three solids each day.
Edie has been such a joy making everyday a blessing.
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  1. how adorable! i Must have a bubble machine, but where do I get it?