I miss my Daddy

Scott is in Jacksonville, FL this weekend with his family visiting Edie's Great Giddo. So it has been just the girls. Nan helped out a lot in getting Edie ready for the day. We woke early and ate breakfast before leaving for the Shelby County ARC yard sale. We did not find anything at the sale but it was fun looking.

We then went to the Veterans Memorial Park in Alabaster for a birthday party. Our friends Jimmy and Vanessa Walters hosted a Monkey themed party for their sons 2nd birthday. It was from 10-12 so the weather was great. We had chicken minis and a yummy Monkey cake. Andrew got a lot of great toys and was not interested in them in the least. He was focused on the slides!!

After the party we all went shopping. Edie was so great. She just sat in her stroller and played with her monkey party favor. She is really starting to make some cute sounds. I was so proud of her. After we got home she took a long nap - she was pooped! We miss Daddy and we can not wait to see him when he gets home tomorrow. Until then..........Sweet dreams Daddy.
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