Edie's Six Month Photos

I also had to share Edie's six month photos with you. Just copy and paste the link to view. This link will be available until August 28th.
She is so perfect and beautiful. We are going to be in the poor house - I want them all!


  1. holy cow michelle! i'm glad it's you & not me picking out those pics! they are sooo good! my fave is 586 & 570! Thank you so much for sharing her sweet smile! that person did a great job, but i'm sure it was no task capturing all that beauty! love the cross necklace, that's a nice touch.

  2. 510, 513, 560 something....wow!! Those are great :) She's so pretty though- how can we ever expect to narrow down and weed out the bad ones when God has blessed us with these adorable children we have?!? Good luck picking.

  3. The pictures are terrific! We love them all. Guess we'll have to work on narrowing down our choices since we can't buy them all.