Commando Crawl

O.k. If you can overlook Edie's bad hair day you may notice some scooting around. Edie is beginning to crawl commando style! We are so excited! We are really having to watch her now. No more putting her down and walking away. This past week she has really been on the go. All of her therapist are so pleased and surprised at her progress. Edie is almost able to sit alone and has began to eat solids three times per day. Although she has said to be on a 5-6 month level at this point - I am sure she is quickly making her way to the 8 month level. We have changed many of her goals to crawling, sitting alone and holding her own bottle. Watch out world! Here she comes!!

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  1. Super job, Edie girl!! I am so happy that you are on the move and making Mommy run!! You and Addison are two peas in a pod :)
    Now you can come over and you two beautiful girls can play chase!
    Can't wait to play again soon~ love, Ashley