Yo Gabba Gabba!

Scott and I still say Edie had a "Michael Jackson" moment at the Yo Gabba Gabba Live show. This is one of her all time favorite shows and she "signs" for it everyday when she walks in the door by swinging her arms back and forth while running to the TV. Edie did not know whether to scream with glee, cry for joy or clap with excitement so she did all three at the same time! It was so cute! Just to see her face once she realized what was happening and what she was seeing was real, it was worth more than you could ever know. We had great seats and the show started with a boom of confetti, midway we had balloons falling from the sky and to end the show there were bubbles galore. This was a night I will never forget. It was a night that our baby bloomed into toddler-hood and it was a great site to see. She loved the show, every minute of it and so did we. I will never forget that face!
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Fox 6

For those of you who do not know Scott, Edie and I had the privilege of visiting the Fox 6 News studio last Saturday to promote the P.A.D.S 11th Annual Buddy Walk which took place last Sunday.  Our debut was set for 8:45 but after arriving a little late we were whisked to the studio almost immediately and on by 8:25 (I think)  Edie and I were not wired with a microphone, which was a blessing.  Right at the beginning of the segment she and I were fighting over the bow in her hair, but shortly after all I could do was focus on the wire she was chewing on.  Other than that Edie did great and I did wonderful since I did not have to speak :0  So let me just tell you about the next part of the interview.......the news anchor did a wonderful introduction of us by stating that we were with P.A.D.S, Parents AGAINST Down Syndrome!!!  I would like to clarify that we are in no way shape or form AGAINST Down Syndrome!!  Scott promptly corrected her to state that P.A.D.S stands for Parent Advocates FOR Down Syndrome.  But she said it and never looked back!  It is funny to think about now but at the time it was a little shocking.  We are still trying to get a clip of the segment and we will post once we do.  But for now just keep in mind that we are totally FOR Down Syndrome, it is a beautiful blessing in our lives!  Our daughter is Edie, and she "happens" to have Down Syndrome.


Buddy Walk 2010

What a perfect day for a Buddy Walk! Sunday's weather could not have been better and with over 15,000 people attending this years event we certainly enjoyed the day. There were space bounce(s) arts and crafts, face painters, balloon pop, dancing and much more. Did I mention dancing?! I loved seeing the kids and older kids up on stage singing and dancing away!! For those of you who do not know this was Scott's 2nd year as VP of PADS. His most important job as VP is coordination of The Buddy Walk. It is not small potatoes to coordinate an event for over 15,000 people. Scott also appeared on two radio shows and as a family we were on FOX 6 Saturday morning promoting the walk. Scott did a wonderful job and it showed! There were more walkers than last year (a lot more) and a great tailgate tent area where each team pitched a tent and enjoyed food and the company of their team members before the walk.

We did not have a tent this year but we did have a team and Kelli and I are already planning the food and signs for next year!! As we are nearing the end of our road with The Bell Center it is hard to manage two fundraisers at the same time "The 3rd Annual Ladybug Fundraiser benefiting The Bell Center" and the PADS "Team Ladybug". We decided when we had Edie that we would really concentrate on TBC until Edie graduated from the program and then we would focus our fundraising on PADS which is an organization we will be a part of for the rest of our lives. So look out Buddy Walk 2011 here we come!!

We are so grateful to those who gave their Dollars for Downs and supported our team this year. We exceeded our goal and we hope you know how much we love you and we thank you for everything you do for our family. We hope to see you all at next years Buddy Walk, walking for TEAM LADYBUG!!

Team Ladybug!
Edie with her buddy Allie and Stella who came to The Buddy Walk to see Edie
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Ladybug Shoot Continued.......

OMGosh!!!! How cute is this!! She was over it by this point. I was sweating like mad yet I dressed her in pants and a corduroy top (which was way too small because it was her dress from last years fundraiser!) I thought it would be cute as a top, if the buttons would have worked! Poor sweet baby.
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Ladybug Shoot

We are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family who love and support us. One of our friends in particular happens to be a VERY talented professional photographer. Grethel Van Epps spent a very hot afternoon with us over the summer taking pictures for Edie's Save the Date card for the 3rd Annual Ladybug Fundraiser. There were so many good pictures it was hard to choose which one to use. We narrowed it down to just one and I bought a few more for memories. Because Grethel is such a wonderful friend she surprised me with the best birthday present ever! A CD of ALL of the pictures from the shoot for me to cherish forever!! I have big plans for the black and white shot of her looking down holding her tutu. It is the sweetest picture ever!! Who am I kidding......they are all the sweetest pictures ever!!

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Rail Road Park

We enjoyed a Saturday at Pepper Place a few weeks ago where we bought lots of fresh vegies and fresh baked bread. Followed by a visit to the new Rail Road Park downtown. It is a really super cool place. The playground was not huge, but the toys are cool. There was so much wide open space to run and play too. At one point Edie took off running down the track as fast as she could. I think she likes feeling like she is getting away. We just let her run and eventually she came back :)

I liked watching the gobs of people doing yoga, the dogs playing in the water and seeing families just enjoying the day. It was a great relaxing way to spend the afternoon with my family.
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Painting with the Ticking children

Back in September we visited A'Mano's and painted with the Ticking children and their mentors. They had several beautiful pieces on display that the Ticking children had painted and one piece up for auction. The proceeds benefited The Bell Center. Their paintings are mostly on tar paper and wood. Edie painted a house using tar paper and house paint. We were able to take one home and one was left to decorate The Bell Center with. The Ticking family took on the love of painting and now sell their pieces in many art galleries and craft shows. They also have a love one who once attended The Bell Center. You can see their story by visiting www.trestaylor.com/tickingfamily_communityprojects.html.  As you can tell Edie LOVED it!
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