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For those of you who do not know Scott, Edie and I had the privilege of visiting the Fox 6 News studio last Saturday to promote the P.A.D.S 11th Annual Buddy Walk which took place last Sunday.  Our debut was set for 8:45 but after arriving a little late we were whisked to the studio almost immediately and on by 8:25 (I think)  Edie and I were not wired with a microphone, which was a blessing.  Right at the beginning of the segment she and I were fighting over the bow in her hair, but shortly after all I could do was focus on the wire she was chewing on.  Other than that Edie did great and I did wonderful since I did not have to speak :0  So let me just tell you about the next part of the interview.......the news anchor did a wonderful introduction of us by stating that we were with P.A.D.S, Parents AGAINST Down Syndrome!!!  I would like to clarify that we are in no way shape or form AGAINST Down Syndrome!!  Scott promptly corrected her to state that P.A.D.S stands for Parent Advocates FOR Down Syndrome.  But she said it and never looked back!  It is funny to think about now but at the time it was a little shocking.  We are still trying to get a clip of the segment and we will post once we do.  But for now just keep in mind that we are totally FOR Down Syndrome, it is a beautiful blessing in our lives!  Our daughter is Edie, and she "happens" to have Down Syndrome.

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