Boo Fest

Edie did so many new things these past few days. She sat in the shopping cart for the first time as well as in a big girl highchair while out for dinner over the weekend. She did great! I have realized that I have to remind myself that Edie is growing, and fast. She loves being a big girl and sitting alone. The clothes that I look at everyday and have said to myself several times "there is no way she can wear that - it is way too big". Well guess what - it is not! Some are even too small already. My baby is growing up right before my eyes and I still see her as that 8lb little angel we brought home 9 months ago! One thing that we did realize today is that her Halloween costume really is way too big. Edie had big plans to be a snail. But after taking it for a test drive this afternoon everything about it is too big not to mention she hated it and cried the whole time we had it on her. So we will try the Snail Costume next year and look for something that is a better fit.

Our neighborhood hosted the 2nd Annual Boo Festival on Sunday. They had a space bounce, a space bounce maze, a space bounce slide, several games, face painting, hot dogs, snow cones and a race car train ride. And it was all FREE!! Scott also set up a tent for a m.i.l.k event where he also gave away free Home Organizer CD's. These are pretty cool. It is a software that you upload to store your families pictures and information with a digital ID. You can do a digital inventory of your homes possessions. There is an electronic animal recovery system and an home organizer file for all of your home documents. Pretty neat!

The best part of the weekend (for me anyway) was the two times that Edie cried for me. This has never happened before. Edie is usually quite content. Once she was playing and started crying out of nowhere while I was out of the room. The other time I had gone upstairs and Scott said she crawled to the bottom of the steps and started to cry. Scott picked her up both times to console her but she did not stop crying until her mommy held her. I have to say it felt good. I know you mom's out there know what I am talking about. Of course I do not want Edie to ever cry - but it is nice to know that she is finally starting to feel that same bond towards me that I have had for her since January 14th, 2008. I love our little Ladybug so much. She is such a joy in our lives.

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  1. I am so proud of Edie!!! I cannot wait to see her again!!!!!

    Precious kitty pics. She is an absolute precious little baby girl!