Nine Months

I can not believe how fast time has passed. Edie is now a little over nine months and we visited Dr. Cortopassi for her check up today. Edie is:
40th percentile on the Non-Downs chart!
75th percentile on the Downs chart!
18 lbs 3oz
27 1/4 inches long
and...an Angel

She is doing so well. Dr. Cortopassi is so pleased with her progress. She had three shots today and cried just a little. She could not have done any better. She continues to amaze us. Edie can now drink from a straw and is still working on using a cup. We have been given the green light to start giving her finely chopped meats and bananas. And we can now eliminate one of her bottles and just do a little snack instead. So we will start this new plan in motion.

After we returned from the Dr. Edie helped me with dinner by sitting on the kitchen floor and pulling out all of the plastic bowls and lids from the cabinet. She played by herself for quite some time banging the bowls on the floor and chewing on a basting brush and our plastic measuring spoons. During ARCs visit today we were advised to buy Edie more challenging toys and to encourage her to explore things around the house. Edie loves toys and she gets bored with the same old thing. So I am excited to see what we can find and what we can get into around here!
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  1. oh wow! love your new banner, it's beautiful! congrats on the good report, I know you are proud. It's so much work at the Dr. But just to hear that ya'll as parents, are doing a good job & that she's excelling makes it all worth while, huh?

  2. Giddo and GiGi25.10.08

    We were thrilled to hear Edie's doing so well. Of course, we're not surprised at all. She's such a treasure and learning so many new things every day. God Bless you all.


    Giddo and GiGi

  3. Anonymous27.10.08

    It is a wonderful doctor's report. She is growing up so well and so quickly. She is such a blessing to us all.