Just Checking In

I am headed home tomorrow to my babies and I can not sleep from the excitement! I have been in Dallas for a few days working and spending all of my free time searching for Edie a replacement Halloween costume. I have had absolutely zero luck with this. At this point I can not help but wonder "what does it really matter anyway". Edie will be just as happy no matter what she is. My mom had actually given her a cute pink kitty cat outfit. Not necessarily a costume but it is warm and with a little painting of whiskers it could be just purrrrrrfect!

Aside from the costume search I have also been looking at several Christmas outfits, Baptism Gowns, dresses for upcoming fundraiser, and Birthday suites. These are just a few of the events that will be taking place in our household over the next several months. Among many others. We are all staying so busy and loving being a family. I never knew how much love a little girl could bring to my life. Now I know and I love every minute of it!

I explained to Edie and Mr. Punkin Head that he will be going home soon after the Trick or Treaters. Edie and I sat with him Sunday night and counted his suckers. Edie would pull them out one by one. Every now and then trying to get a taste on one. She would pull them out, I would count, we would put them back in and do it all over. We did this until she fell asleep. Just for Edie I may keep him out a few extra days, weeks or months After all - out of the 100 toys she has to play with the things she finds most interesting are Mr. Punkin Head and Ziggy's pink poodle toy. Go figure!

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