Merry Christmas 2011

Of course we had a BIG Christmas! Lot's of toys, food, family and fun. We were so excited to see the look on Edie's face when she came down stairs to see what Santa brought her and to no surprise, she could have really cared less. Santa carefully selected a cute little mini coop (ridden once), a riding toy for the tv (not yet enjoyed) and several other games and toys (hardly played with to this day) but all Edie really cared about were the Baby Signing Time dvd's. I should not complain though, she could be addicted to much worse than BST videos and truth be known she learns a lot from them and knows more sign language than all of us put together.

Edie was not much on opening all of her presents and at one time Scott and I even debated letting her open them throughout the week. She pushed through it though, even helping OA to open his small gifts. I am thankful to have a child who does not care about getting millions of gifts on Christmas. After all that is not the reason for Christmas but I do look forward to the day when they both come running to the tree with excitement in their eyes to see what Santa has brought.


  1. Anonymous26.1.12

    Just precious pics!!!! Tell Edie I wanna borrow her little mini cooper!

  2. Love all the Christmas pictures. We enjoyed sharing the holiday with you all. Our children and grandchildren bring us so much joy. Thankful for each and everyone one.