Breakfast with Santa

Decorating for Christmas this year was fun!  We decided on having a live tree and although it was massive, it was very pretty.  We decorated it with what seemed to be the trendy color combo for this year which was red, white and blue ornaments.  I wanted an all white tree but it just kept growing : )  I enjoyed having a real tree and I think we just may do it again next year. (Just on a smaller scale)  Gigi also finished all of our stockings.  I could not believe she got them all done by Christmas and I was so excited to see them all together on our mantle.  They are SO beautiful and such a wonderful keepsake. 

Breakfast with Santa did not go quite as planned this year, well the picture anyway.  Santa was not overly jolly and after waiting in the long line for our picture I believe both Edie and Santa had - had it!  OA did great though : ) 

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