Princess Edie

Over the beautiful - cool weekend, while waiting for OA, we enjoyed just being at home.  Da da got some yard work done, we decorated outside with our Halloween decor, watched some football, jumped in the jump-jump and attended a Princess Party for Edie's friend Ashlynn.  Edie really had a good week at school and home.  She got all good reports from her teachers, therapist and was an Angel at home for us.  I hope this sweet streak continues :)

I can not believe how much Edie has grown.  She was such a sweet girl at the princess party and she had so much fun.  She was SO excited to put on her Princess dress that as soon as we got home from church she wanted to wear it.  Edie has never had any "dress up" clothes, mainly because I did not think she would care anything about it.  But once the dress was on she was ready to go - so we got to the party 15 minutes early.  Luckily Ashlynn only lives two doors down.  I stalled Edie as much as possible, but the Princess was ready!  So I think I know what Santa will be bringing her for Christmas this year.  A Princess needs variety, right? 

Edie was not as clingy to me as she normally is when we are in a large group of people.  She walked right in, hugged Ashlynn's grandmother and made herself at home.  She colored (without eating the crayons), waited her turn to have her makeup applied, sat patiently while reading a story (looking over at me several times grinning ear to ear) and ate her TWO pieces of birthday cake without any help from me.  My baby is growing up and I am SO proud of her!

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