Thomas the Train

Several weeks ago we visited the Thomas the Train exhibit in Calera and even rode Thomas!  We went along with several of our neighbors and their kiddos in celebration of Maxwell's3rd birthday.  Although Edie does not know who Thomas is she still enjoyed all of the activities.  Riding Thomas was a lot of fun but Edie's favorite part was the ginormous sandbox and musical entertainer who sang and played for all of the kids.  Edie even got to join in and play a few instruments herself!  We ended the day with a picnic lunch and the petting zoo.  It was a great day - even better with five VERY pooped kids :)

We continued Maxwell's birthday celebration on Saturday with a Trike-A-Thon party.  All of the kids brought their trikes for a fun trike race.  Edie still is not "in love" with the idea of a trike so she did not participate - but the rest of the kids had a great time.  Edie did however LOVE the bounce house! (despite the photo below) She is really getting good at jumping and feeling more comfortable doing so.  So she jumped and flipped until she wore herself out.  Her next favorite part of the party was the cake and ICE CREAM!!  Of course she ate every bit of it and licked the bowl :)

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  1. We didn't make it to see Thomas this year and it looks like we missed out on a lot of fun! So glad to see the updates of Precious Edie!