World Down Syndrome Day 2011

Today is World Down Syndrome Day and I am taking this day to celebrate my precious Edie-bug and ALL 47 of her chromosomes!  Edie was not born with just 46 chromosomes like most children, she was blessed with 47 (Trisomy 21) and without that 21st chromosome Edie would not be Edie.  I can not imagine our lives being "typical", I would not want it to be honest.  I LOVE being Edie's mom and I L-O-V-E Edie just the way God intended her to be.  Edie is super smart, super cute, super funny, super sweet and such a joy to be around.  She touches everyone she comes in contact with and is a magnet for love.  She is our biggest JOY in life!

Today I would like to raise awareness to those of you who are not familiar with DS.  It is not a disability, it is not a mistake - it is a gift.  Our family is grateful for this gift and we celebrate it everyday!  Our daughter is smart, capable, determined and we know she will thrive and succeed in life just as all of her other friends who are touched with DS will.  My biggest hope/goal for today, World Down Syndrome Day 2011, is that those of you who are reading this will continue to spread the word and participate in stopping the "R" word.  I know that most say it in a "joking" manner with no intentions to hurt others, I did.  But when children hear adults, parents use the word in just a "joking" manor they follow and think it is acceptable when it is not.  I know my reaction to hearing someone around me use it - I cringe, I sometimes speak up and there are other times I just let it go.  I NEVER want to imagine my reaction to someone using the "R" word in Edie's presence or any other child or adult with special needs for that matter.  I PRAY that this word is cut from our vocabulary one day soon.  So I urge you to stop and think before you speak and remember that words can hurt, even when it is a "joke".  Thank you for taking the time to read and have a great WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY!

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  1. I met you all on the sidewalk a few weeks ago in Old Town coming back to my studio (Buck Creek Stained Glass). I have a daughter, Kennedy, who's 9 and attends HES who has DS. You can find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/bamaglassartist.

    Nice to meet you all!