Pee Pee in the Potty!


Edie has really grown over the past month. She continues to amaze us. We bought her a potty several months ago with no expectations and no real plan. We just put it in the powder room, talked about it, played with it and let Edie sit on it while we were in the restroom. Sunday night to our surprise Edie was sitting in the kitchen floor and started to touch her diaper. When I asked her if she needed to "go potty" she pointed toward the powder room. So we went in there, I took her bottoms off and she sat on the potty for the first time without any pants on. She got off a few times and then sat on it again, looked at me with big eyes and she pee-peed!! I could not believe it! I grabbed her up gave her a big hug and called for Scott to come and see. With all of the excitement I scared Edie to tears. I reassured her that she had done a perfect job and gave her so many kisses. Like I said....she continues to amaze us.
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