Where Have We Been?

I can't believe September is almost over and I have posted so little. It just goes to show how busy we have been! We have been here, there, and everywhere. Edie is really moving these days and in to everything. I have officially purchased locks for the cabinets. First and foremost I do not want Edie to get hurt crawling through them, but secondly I am tired of cleaning up after the little booger!

Edie leaves a trail daily, hourly throughout the entire house. She starts in our bathroom pulling out everything in my drawers and and cabinets. Then she moves on to the bedroom and my sock drawer. Next on to my jewelry cabinet pulling out everything she can get her hands on. Then it is to the playroom where the tornado really hits. After that the kitchen where she pulls all of the letters off of the fridge. In between pulling out all of her Tupperware. Lastly it is to the living room! I can't keep up!!

Above is were she spotted her toys I had put away in the closet while I rotate them. It is amazing how intrigued she was with the farm toy on that day, once it was put away - while it was out she had absolutely no interest in it!!

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