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We have been quite busy with life lately. We always seem to be coming and going and never sitting. Between traveling with work, MDO and TBC we have managed to spend some fun times with our friends too! A few weeks ago Edie and I tagged along with my neighbor Deanna and her son Maxwell for a trip to the zoo. It started to rain 10 minutes into the trip. But the good thing was because of the rain most of the visitors left and the rain forced the zoo animals to stay close to the glass surrounds where there was the most shelter. Which gave us close up and personal one on one time. At one point Edie's was face to face with the Bangle Tiger! It was pretty cool I must say. We also had the entire petting zoo to ourselves. So despite the rain we had a great time.

Most recently we met my dear friend Stacey and her two boys Carter and Ross for lunch and a little fun time at Veterans Park on Vally dale. A very impressive park I must say. Not only does it have a handicap accessable play area complete with a rubber surface it also is equipped with handicap swings. I have never actually seen these in person but they are pretty cool and look so comfy. Next to this play area they have an additional playground for smaller kids and bigger kids. Mommy loved the AstroTurf surface and Edie loved the itty bitty slide. I would sit her on top and she would wiggle until she started to slip down the slide. I struggled not to touch her because I wanted her to do it on her own - but I did support her head each time as to make sure she did not bump it going down. As for the AstroTurf I think it is a perfect choice for our back yard. It is not the cheap shinny plastic kind. I am sure it too is made of plastic but it had some type of loose, black, rubbery pebbles down in it. I am thinking to absorb moisture and to give it buoyancy?? Good guess I thought.

After much play, some tears, spit up and Carter's beet -red face we decided to call it a day. Our last laugh was watching teeny tiny Stacey struggle to carry 16 lb Rossy while trying to open a car door that did not even belong to her! she was a little distracted I have to admit by Carter's spill onto the pavement, but it was still funny. I have to hand it to her she is a great mom to two gorgeous little boys. I am fortunate to have such great friends. Especially friends with cameras!! I forgot mine each time so I borrowed these from Stacey's blog. The one on the top Carter and Edie looking into a fish eye mirror. I'll steel some photos from Deanna and post soon too!!

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  1. Too funny! I love that your blog included me trying to get into the wrong car :). I was so scared and flustered by Carter running into the street and falling down that I lectured him the entire ride home. We had such a GREAT time with you guys! Edie is getting so independent and seemed like she really wanted to chase Carter. I agree, it will be so much fun when they are all 3 running after each other! I wish I would've taken some pics of her wearing your sunglasses -- stylin' at such a young age :).