Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Yesterday at The Bell Center we were singing Old McDonald and when the teacher held up the cow and asked what this was - Edie replied MOOOO! I was so proud of her! She even signed Dog when prompted during a book we read. She is slowly learning to take steps behind a baby grocery cart. She will take a few steps then sit on the floor and whimper. We know it is only because she does not want to do something that is hard and maybe scary for her - but she can do it. I know she can. We are still working hard on leaning to walk and cruise around tables and furniture. We are also still working hard on learning to not throw toys and to concentrate on one toy at a time. Edie is so active it is hard for her to play with one toy for longer than a few seconds. We have been advised to put away her toys and only pull out a few at at time or divide up her toys to morning, noon and night toys. It is just hard for me to take anything away from her that she enjoys - but I am going to have to be more self disciplined myself and follow the directions we have been given.

After a long day we ended up at the Birmingham Barrons game. Scott's company hosted a tent with food and drinks. This photo shows just how interested Edie was in watching the game. Maybe she takes after her mom?

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