Happy Father's Day!

We had a great weekend together. Saturday we went the the Farmers Market in Helena and then we worked in the yard a bit and then went out to the pool. The water was so warm but still felt so good! Edie and I were so excited to give Daddy his Father's Day gift we had to give it to him early at dinner Saturday night. Edie worked very hard on a coloring card (I will have to post a photo later). She colored in it, painted in it, put some pictures in it and even left a voice message for Daddy in it. I actually got lucky and recorded Edie saying "Da Da". It was a sweet card. Edie and I also got Daddy a few shirts and a pair of shorts. Edie picked out each of the shirts herself.

Sunday after church we met Stacey and Russell along with Carter and Ross at the Zoo. It was so HOT....miserably HOT....did I say HOT! Our intentions were to meet up and play in the water park area. However, once we got there and saw it-it was not at all what we were expecting. Apparently one side only was working and the other side was filled with big kids hogging all of the fun. There were just a few water spouts that shot out of the ground. And with all of the kids sitting on them, putting their mouths over them, etc. It left little water for Carter and Edie to play. So we went on to the petting zoo, the sea lion and the monkey's. We had a good time but we just could not take the heat any longer so we left and had a snow cone. Edie was a trooper. She had a few moments but I think it was due to the heat mainly and lack of napping. She had a 30 min nap on the way to the zoo. Needless to say after getting home, eating and having a bath she was fast asleep at 6:15!

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