You Make Me Happy

The photo on the left is of Edie sleeping in a TJMax buggy. We had a "mommy - daughter" day last week. Edie was my side kick last Friday while we worked and played. We first went to the local Summer Classics store to do some work and take some measurements for a customer. Then we headed to Home Depot and Lowe's to track down some curtain rods for our Summer Classics Contract booth for our show in Las Vegas in a few weeks (still have not found those darn things). Afterwards we had lunch and headed to The Bell Center for class. Ending the day we somehow ended up at TJMax :) It was Edie's idea! She told me she wanted to go right before she fell asleep. So I made her a mat in the shopping buggy and she took a long nap.

The photo on the right was taken tonight by Scott. Edie is in her new "You make me happy" jammies that Gigi and Giddo bought for her. Scott sent this to me for a "Happy" as well. I have been in Houston for the past two days and I am missing my babies and in need of a "Happy". So Scott knew just what to do and sent me one!
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