Crash and Burn

My worst nightmare has come true. I had been having problems with my computer making funny noises and doing weird things so last Thrsday I went to Staples and purchased a backup drive just to be safe. Well before I had the time to use it my screen went black and that was that. I have been told the hard drive has gone bad and nothing can be recovered. I have lost work files, customer contacts, but most of all photos and other documents such as addresses, everything from the Ladybug Fundraiser, etc., etc. Luckily I had recently saved all of Edie's 1st year of photos on CD's. So that was a HUGE relief. But everything else that I use on a daily basis is gone.
I have a new computer on the way (I am on Scott's now) but it will not be here for a few more weeks. For now I have a temp computer (which I can not get to work either) and we have sent off the hard drive to see if it can be opened in a "clean room" what ever that is. From there we will be advised if anything can be recovered and how much it will cost to do so. So.......keep your fingers crossed.
I have been working on that computer for over 2 1/2 years. So there is over 2 1/2 years worth of stuff lost. So for me no price is too big. However, I am not sure Summer Classics feels the same way. Lesson learned. Back up your computer!!!!!!!
Anyway if my post are few and far between this is why. I will catch you up more in a few weeks once life is back to normal. It is ashamed how lost I feel without a computer. It makes work almost impossible and just the possibility of not getting ALL of my files back makes my stomach hurt.

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