Crawling like Crazy!

There is no stopping her now! Edie is crawling EVERYWHERE and is in to EVERYTHING!! I have to search the floors over everyday making sure there is nothing that Edie can put in her mouth and eat. Thus far she has tried eating dust/fuzz balls, dog food, paper, leaves, grass, dirt, carpet, the plastic thing off of the door stop, jewelry, hair bows, etc., etc., etc. Every time I turn around she has something else in her mouth. Thankfully she has not swallowed anything out of the ordinary "yet" or so we think.

We took a trip today to Clanton to see Aunt Kelli, Wyatt and Wesley and baby on the way. BTW Kelli is having a baby girl! She is due to arrive in July and Edie will no longer be the runt of the bunch. We are excited to have another girl, not so sure Wyatt is though. I think he would rather a little boy.......maybe one day soon. Kelli has also started a blog! It looks like she started it back in October and never shared with me. It is the "Homeschool Adventures" blog so if you like you can now catch up on my big sis and her two & 1/2 munchkins.

Our mom has had an embroidery machine for a few years and we have recently purchased the pretty fonts, appliques and monogramming cd's to go along with it. So Kelli and I tried it out today, doing it the Chastain way (learn as you go). I made a cute monogrammed shirt for Edie, ruined a pair of Edie's shorts trying to make a matching - smaller monogram, almost ruined my beach bag doing my initials and did o.k. on (a) pillow case (now I have to do the same on the other one). So all in all it was a good day of monogramming. Edie played with Wyatt and Wesley all day. She was pooped once we got home. She ate, had a bath and went straight to sleep.

Speaking of sleep.....we have had some weird nights lately. Edie has been waking up several times during the night crying. We are not sure if she is having nightmares, having a growth spurt, still has fluid in her ears or it is because she is getting a new tooth. One of her back molars is coming in. I have given her baby orijel a few times - but I try to use it only when necessary (I read it is not good for babies). I am excited for the new tooth, I just hate they have to hurt so much. Hopefully the pain has passed and Edie will soon be back to sleeping through the night again.

Saturday we stayed around the house trying to get Edie's new playroom in order. We have a few more things to do yet. But once complete I will share some photos. Sunday Scott played golf and Edie and I went to Pratville after church. (By the way, I decided to put Edie in the nursery at church as opposed to taking her in the service as we normally do. This is usually her nap time so I thought she would just sleep. The ladies said she wanted nothing to do with sleeping or eating. All she wanted to do was play with the other babies. When I went to get her she was in the floor still playing. So sweet. She misses her buddies at MDO.) Back to Pratville - we met Nan and Pawpaw and had lunch then Nan, Edie and I went to see Uncle Zach's new house. It was a short visit - but we had fun getting out and just enjoying the pretty weather.

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  1. This video is adorable! She is doing so great! I can only imagine how hard it is to keep track of her now that she is moving so quickly. I'm in for a rude awakening in the coming months! Hey.. have you tried teething tablets? They are all natural disolving tablets and seem to work for Allie, although I have used Baby Orajel, too, when she seems really miserable. Can't wait to see pictures of the playroom!