Growing Up

It seems like forever since I last posted. We have been so busy it has been hard to find the time to sit still long enough. I had a video of Edie I intended to share but for some reason the card is not working. So as I was looking though the old photos this one caught my eye. Scott took this picture of Edie when she was about 3 1/2 months old. He sent it to me while I was on a trip, my first trip, after being back to work. She looks so cute, tiny and peaceful. I can not believe how fast time goes by.

We celebrated Scott's 34th birthday this past week. Edie and I got him (us) tickets to Cold Play who is coming in May. Scott was very surprised and excited not only to get the tickets but to learn we will be having double the fun... we will also be going with some of our dear friends - Jimmy, Vanessa, Russell and Stacey. It should be a good time especially since we have not been to a concert in years.

Edie has also been grandparent hopping for the past few weeks. Edie and I went to Nan and PawPaw's for a visit a couple of weekends ago. We both spent the night Friday night. Edie stayed on with Nan Saturday night and went to church on Sunday. Then this past weekend Edie spent the night with Gigi and Giddo and went to church with them on Sunday. Scott and I played both weekends having dinner with friends and doing things around the house. Speaking of.....we are now in the process of turning our kitchen table area into a playroom for Edie. We are going to replace the chandelier with a ceiling fan and we have removed the kitchen table and have replaced it with a small sofa. We are going to add a small chair, a rug, some toy baskets. Don't get me wrong. We LOVE Edie and her 100's of toys, but it will be nice to have an area for her toys so that our company is not tripping over them as they walk through the front door. It will also be a lot easier to watch her play while I cook (whenever that is). So I am excited!

Another FANTASTIC thing that happened recently. Allie's mom Sandy was kind enough to lend us a copy of Allie's My Baby Can Read video. It is a learning video which includes flash cards and a book. Each flash card has a word on the front. When you pull the tab on the card an actual "real life" photo of the word pops out. Edie was so fascinated by these flash cards and book. I believe I went over them three times in a row while she studied each photo and word. When I would get to the Tongue flash card and pull on the tab to show the picture of the girls Tongue, Edie would stick out her tongue and wiggled it around! Se is AMAZING!!! Scott and I were so proud of her! Edie loves to read books. I have been reading about 4-5 books to her each night. She loves to turn the pages, say "ooo oooo" and sit in my lap while I rock and read to her. My dear friend Kristie form Florida mailed Edie a book about LuLu the Ladybug last week. Edie loves the illustrations in the book but she also LOVES the black and red dots on the back cover of the book. Every time we are in her room she will immediately crawl over to her book basket and pull out the Ladybug book. She will then sit and tap it saying "ooo, ooh, ooo". She is too cute!

Scott said Sunday night that "God could not have given us a more perfect, precious baby...we are blessed" and it could not be more true.

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  1. She gives me goose bumps! I'm so proud of all that she is doing. Crawling to get her book and telling you she wants to read. That is just too sweet! I agree with Scott. You have perfection right there with Edie. She is adorable!!!!

  2. That pic of her is so sweet. Sleeping babies are the sweetest thing ever. It is hard to believe how quickly she is growing up, isn't it? She really is so precious and cute!! Oh, please let me know how it goes with Edie. I've been thinking about getting it for Carter.