Snowy Day

Sunday we had the miracle of about 2"+ of snow fall to the ground. I was very sceptical of the predictions of snow for Sunday, but it really did happen! We put Edie's snow boots on and took her out to play before it melted. She looked so cute. We wanted to make a snow angel with her - but we were too afraid she would get sick from the wet snow.

I know our family in Arvada, Colorado are laughing at us right about now. Aunt Shirley, Uncle Jim, Kelly and Jolie see way more than 2" of snow every winter. They even continue to drive their cars - while we on the other hand stay indoors, buy milk and bread (before the snow comes of course) cancel church, school and other activities due to a couple of inches of snow. Really even just the threat of snow will close Birmingham down! Although it did snow heavily for about 30-45 minutes it was melting by noon and every ones lives were getting back to normal.

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