Bell Center "Kids Marathon"

I would like for you to meet some of the kids you have made such a tremendous impact on. This is a slide show of The Bell Center "Kids Marathon". It was held at Samford University kicking off the Mercedes Marathon weekend. Unfortunately Edie was not able to enjoy this day with her friends as we were in the Dr. office being treated for a double ear infection (which she has again!). Even though Edie was not there - we were with them in spirit watching the event live on T.V. Laughing, crying and thanking God for Edie, the other children of TBC and you for making it all possible. Thank you.
If this does not melt your heart I am not sure what will.
http://byshea.com/bellcenter09/ And as with any slide show full of beautiful children, music is important. So turn your speakers on!


  1. That was beautiful and definitely melted my heart!! I hope Edie is doing better! Ear infections are not fun!

  2. GiGi8.3.09

    So many beautiful little angels having so much fun. God bless each and every one of them and their families. Thank God for The Bell Center Family. They are angels as well. Thank you for sharing the video. Absolutely heart warming!