God is in control

As Edie relaxed on the exam room table today with her foot propped on Dr. Johnson's leg our prayers were answered. We are pleased to tell everyone that Edie's VSD has closed to such a minute size that she will not require any surgery! Edie knew there was nothing to worry about so she just squilled and smiled as he ran the sonogram across her chest.
Dr. Johnson advised us that there is still a very tiny amount of blood that is flowing to the left side of her chamber but it is so little that she will be able to live with this condition. She also still has a very faint murmur, but still this is something she can go through her life without needing any surgery to correct.
I can not tell you what a relief this news has been. A weight has been lifted from our shoulders and we can now focus our energy on new things in Edie's life. We will go again to see Dr. Johnson in 8-10 months just for a routine checkup. Dr. Johnson is fairly confident that on the next visit we will see the hole completely closed.
Edie has been so strong and such a fighter - She is amazing. She is a blessing. She is our Angel from above. Thank you God for sending her to us.


  1. Anonymous9.9.08

    Scott, Michelle and Sweet Baby Edie,

    We are thrilled with the good news you received yesterday from Dr. Johnson. There are so many family and friends praying for her good health. God has been so good to Edie for which we are so thankful.

    We know that Edie will continue to do such wonderful things. Edie, we love you soooo much!

    Love and kisses,

    GiGi and Giddo

  2. Praise God! Thank you Edie for making me smile! And, I love your slide show. Oh- Michelle, I get the backgrounds from that program I was telling you about: Adobe Photoshop Elements. I'm so grateful that your angel is doing so wonderful!

  3. YEAH!! Praise HIM!! Perfect example as to why we should give him the glory and bow down in reverence!! I pray that you will feel HIS presence as you travel and spend time away from one another :)

  4. Anonymous10.9.08

    i'm so glad to hear the good news. what a fighter she is and what an inspiration she's been to everyone! reading your blogs bring such happy tears to my eyes....she's such a blessing. we love you edie!....let's get together soon! ashley, eric, and charlie caldwell