Edie is starting to experience eating food alone "sometimes". It is quite a messy experience - but a lot of fun! She is so cute. Edie has pretty much perfected the commando crawl. We are now working on being on all fours and sitting alone. We picked up Edie's "Little Brown Chair" last week from The Bell Center. The little brown chair is, well, a little brown chair. It is made of brown wood and it has a tray that totally encompasses Edie to hold her in place. She can sit in this chair to play with objects as well as eat. It sits on the floor and is a great tool for her to build her torso muscles. Which will later help her in sitting alone. She really enjoys being in it.

Edie has also learned that she loves to rock back and fourth on her own. She learned this technique last week and has not stopped. If you hold her by the hands she will rock, if you hold her by her hips she will rock, if you hold her over your shoulder she will rock. She has even started to rock while on her tummy.......she looks like a head banger, bobbing her head up and down. Our therapist last week advised us to let her do it just a little at a time. But doing it too much may cause her to overextend her joints and her back. Poor baby - this is what makes her happy (this week) and we have to limit as much as possible. However, to some extent we just can not stop her.

We will be returning to the cardiologist tomorrow for Edie's 3rd visit. We are very hopeful that the visit will have positive result and we will not have to undergo any surgery. So if everyone would say a little prayer for her. I will be leaving for Austin afterwards and returning end of week. This month will be a hard month for us - me Austin, week after me Miami, week after Scott LA, and week after that me Colorado. Scott and I will hardly see one another - so weekends will be VERY important for us. However, with all of the late nights in the hotel rooms you can bet there will be a lot of blogging!!!

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  1. GiGi8.9.08

    I'm so glad Edie had the opportunity to meet the wonderful man I call "Dad." He was truly a special man who loved his family dearly, and it showed. So many people who spoke with me during the funeral and later at the memorial mass told me what a positive impact he had on them and their family and how much he was loved. I miss him tremendously but know in my heart he is with his Lord that he loves so much and that he's watching over us all from above. God Bless his soul. Thank you for the wonderful tribute. It really lifted me up today when I returned home.