Edie's First Taste of Cereal

We had so much fun feeding Edie cereal for the first time! She really seemed to like it! We were very impressed by her reaction to having something in her mouth other than milk. I am still not too sure I mixed it properly, it may have been a little thicker than it should have been. None the less she took it in her mouth, spit most of it back out and then inserted her hands. Yet when I would show her another spoon full she would remove her hands from her mouth for the next bite. By the end she wanted to do it herself and tried to take the spoon from me. A good sign of independence!!
Saturday we went to a birthday party for her friend Mack Jones. We swam, played and ate cake and ice cream. There were sooooo many babies there. Most of which were older than Edie. Soon she will be able to play with all of the rest of the big kids, but for now I am still enjoying holding her and her just being a baby.

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  1. The Spence's just viewed the most recent photos and posts. Glad that Edie is doing so well. She is a beautiful little girl. Thanks so much for keeping everyone updated on Edie as she continues to grow. Keep the updates coming.....