One through Twelve

These past two months have gone by WAY too fast!  My little BIG boy is now two months old!  I must say it has been so much fun.  We have once again been blessed with a sweet and happy baby.  Dr. Cortopasi warned me of how fast things would go this time around I never expected it would be this fast.  OA started smiling at 4 weeks, cooing at 6 and found his hands at 8 weeks.  He is now working on getting his thumb in his mouth too!  He has good neck strength and is working on controlling it.  He loves to sit up and look around but his favorite thing is for someone to sing to him.  I promise he is trying to sing too, it is so cute :)  He wakes up smiling just like his big sister and has truly been a great baby.

Last night was my first time not being in the same room with him in technically over 10 months.  He started off in the bassinet and/or sleeping in my arms :)  Three weeks ago we felt he had outgrown the bassinet and moved him to his crib.  I slept in the twin bed in his room until last night :(  It was bitter sweet because I truly do LOVE to cuddle with him but I must say I do not think I have slept so hard since I was 6 months pregnant.  The biggest blessing of all was that he slept all night!  Well.....at least from 11:00-6:30.  To me that is all night.

OA continues to grow and weighed 10 lbs 5oz at his last Dr visit.  He eats VERY well and we have finally settled into somewhat of a pattern.  I can't believe how fast he is growing and I wish it would slow down just a bit! 

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