Small Spaces = Cool Places

One of the projects I worked on over the summer was our laundry room.  Because my office/desk area was previously located in O.A.'s soon to be baby room we had to come up with a new solution.  We did not have a playroom or an extra bedroom to spare, but what we did have was a laundry room.  So we made the most of this small space.  We painted the same color as our dining room, hung a wall of curtains to cover the washer/dryer, purchased a smaller antique desk, hung a pretty awesome light fixture, added a few accessories and ended up with a pretty cool room.  I am still searching for a super skinny storage piece to go between the desk and the wall and I am contemplating on painting the desk white.  But for now - I am happy with the way it all turned out.

p.s.  my photography skills are not the best in these photos.  we got a new camera and i am still learning.  personally i think the room looks better in person :)

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