Mercedes Marathon 2011 - all wrapped up

We recently wrapped up our final Mercedes Marathon as a family of The Bell Center. Again, bitter-sweet. I am so proud of what we, our family and our friends have accomplished over these past three years. We made a commitment three years ago to raise money for TBC in honor of Edie and we watched the "Ladybug Fundraiser" grow from less than 100 guest to over 200 and in the process we raised over $40,000 for TBC! Now that is something to be proud of!! We finished this year with a little over $14,000 in donations and although we did not reach our goal I am still so extremely proud and grateful to everyone who helped in making this cause such a success. We could never do it without all of the wonderful family and friends. We are so, so blessed.

This year Team Ladybug consisted of two relay teams and three 1/2 Marathon runners and one of those was "Da-Da". I am proud of everyone, but I am especially proud of Scott. He said he would do it for Edie again this year and he did. I know it is not easy, I am not a runner by any means but Scott's accomplishments are so special to me and I know one day Edie will look back at these photos and she too will be so proud of her "Da-Da". This year (even with jello legs) Scott was determined to take Edie across the finish line with him. He stopped to grab her just as he rounded the corner and both with big smiles on their faces they ran the last few steps to cross the finish line together. Such a special moment in time and I am so glad it was captured for us to cherish. Great Job Team Ladybug!!
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