Hello World.......It's Been a While

So you already know I have many reasons for not blogging lately and if you did not already know.....well..... I do. We have had lot's of excitement, changes, happenings, etc. in our household lately. Which is really nothing out of the norm. I promise I do enjoy blogging and I love keeping everyone up to date on Edie but sometimes life just gets too busy, days become so much shorter and I am just so tired by the end of the day. Any hoo as I have promised many, many times before I once again promise to do better and I will spend the next few days catching you up.

If you have not already heard I finally resigned from Summer Classics after 8+ years. Yes it was bitter-sweet and there are still days that I wonder how things are going and miss my SC family, but I know it was the best for me and for my family that I get off the road. Traveling had really taken a toll on me over the past few years and I was beginning to feel that it was really having starting to have a negative effect on my relationship with Edie. Therefore, we (Scott and I) finally decided it was time and ever since Edie and I have gone from a relationship of "sisters fighting" to mommy and daughter "loving" and it is wonderful! I am able to read Edie a bed time book and say our prayers together each and every night. I see her every day and it is a dream come true for me! So 2011 has proven thus far to be the best year ever!!

So enough about me....now back to All About Edie! Towards the end of 2010 we made our yearly trip to the cardiologist. While Edie still has a small leak in her valve Dr. Johnson is still hopeful it will be something that will not require surgery. So that is the results we will live from and towards until our next visit which will be in December 2011. Shortly after we visited Dr. Cortopasi for her 3 year check up and again we had all good reports. We finally wrapped up her blood work for her thyroid test and everything checked out fine. Which means Edie is growing and thriving as she should and all is well. Happy times in the Shunnarah household :)

Edie at her yearly "happy heart" check up. 

Edie playing with her new baby and refurbished highchair she got as a birthday gift from Nannie and Pawpaw.  Ms. Jackie gave the highchair to Nannie for Edie and Pawpaw painted and fixed some broken pieces and Nannie made a new cushion for it.  It is perfect for Edie and her babies.  She LOVES playing mommy: to include many, many diaper changes.  Apparently her babies are very "stinky".

Edie sporting a birthday gift from The Cobb's Nest.  One of my good friends DeAnna Cobb started The Cobb's Nest where she offers super cute appliques and monograms for all seasons and she has recently started sewing matching pants for boys and girls too!  I think this outfit is so cute and SO Edie!

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