All I Can Say is AMAZING!!!!

Christian Maniscalco is AMAZING!!!

I met Christian during the PADS Golf Tournament this past year.  I heard of what he was doing, but I had no idea what he was REALLY doing!  Christian has been inspired by individuals with DS and he has taken on a challenge of his own.  He is supporting Edie and all of her friends by raising money for the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic right here in Birmingham and by participating in the Ironman Triathlon.  Do you REALLY know what an Ironman Triathlon consist of?  I didn't until today and this really puts it into prespective....

Swim the equivalent of 43 football fields

Bike the distance from Birmingham to Atlanta

Run the length of 459

Christian will finish his journey on Aug 28th in Louisville KY.  He has been training for the past 7 months with the mission to raise awareness for Down syndrome and raise funds for the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic.  He has raised $22,000 so far and he is still working on his goal of $25,000!  He is in second place in the Janus Charity Challenge and if he remains there he could secure an additional award for the clinic - up to $10,000 more!  Alongside this generous man is his wonderful wife, Amber who works with children in the Vestavia School system. Together they have two children. Thank you Maniscalco family - Thank you!  You are AMAZING!

See what one person can do!!!!! Read the press release below!

Birmingham athlete, Christian Maniscalco enters IRONMAN TRIATHLON

Raises funds for the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic at UAB

July 26, 2010 -- Birmingham, AL

Not only will Christian Maniscalco swim the equivalent of 43 football fields, bike the distance from Birmingham to Atlanta and run the length of 459 on August 28th at the IRONMAN triathlon in Louisville, Kentucky*, he will also be raising funds so that individuals with Down syndrome* here in Alabama and across the Southeast will receive excellent healthcare. Their faces are his motivation and their stories his inspiration for the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike race and the 26 mile, 385 yard marathon.

Christian had always wanted to complete a full IRONMAN TRIATHLON. Shortly after he registered and learned of the Janis Charity Challenge he and his wife Amber, a speech therapist at Vestavia Elementary School East, attended The Buddy Walk* hosted by Parent Advocates Down Syndrome*. PADS invited him to tour the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic where he met with clinic director, Dr. Eddie Lose. He knew immediately he had found his source of inspiration and the charity he wanted support.

Christian is raising funds for the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic at UAB to be named in honor of John Mark Stallings in conjunction with the Janus Charity Challenge. Athletes who join the Janus Charity Challenge find deep meaning in the Ironman experience by using their passion for the sport to make a difference in the lives of others. When applauded for his efforts, Christian comments, “Sure I’m training for the IRONMAN, but all admiration should be directed toward parents of children with Down syndrome. They are IRONPARENTS, running the lifetime race of raising a child with special needs.”

Christian has two specific IRONMAN goals. His first goal is to raise $25,000 or more for the clinic - to date he has already collected $19k. The second goal is to complete the course within twelve hours. For this he is relying on encouragement from family and friends along the course since there are no breaks between events. Birmingham can cheer him on by donating to http://www.januscharitychallenge.com/ or sending notes of encouragement to downsyndromealabama@gmail.com

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    God Bless Christian and all those who make amazing comitments to help individuals with special needs. Go Christian!!