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We have had some really exciting things going on at the Shunnarah house lately. Edie is talking up a storm! She has even put together two word phrases like - "ziggy outside", "ziggy stop" and her favorite "ziggy no! no!" I am not sure where she is getting all of this from ;) I do feel sorry for Ziggy getting in so much trouble but it is so cute to see Edie discipline Ziggy. Poor Ziggy - she needs a nice long walk...alone. Edie is driving her crazy!

I also have to give credit to Edie's school, Primrose for making such a difference in her this past month. Not only is she talking more, she is signing a lot! Sometimes I have to consult our sign book just to see what she is saying. I am also giving credit to Edie's Primrose buddies for teaching her some "terrible two" lessons. I am only kidding - but I must say these past few days have been challenging. Although Edie has been sick (again) we are not quite sure if her attitude of slapping, biting, "no-no", whining, throwing, not sharing, and crying at the drop of a hat is from feeling bad or from feeling spoiled. Edie has always had such a good disposition that when she acts out it puts us all in a tail spin. I just want my sweet, kissy-face baby back. But even at her worst, Edie is still the most precious little girl ever.

Above is Edie getting ready for school. Yes she likes to brush her teeth while watching Tv. We have to get a better routine down for dental hygiene. Where did she get that precious dress from? Ms. Jackie of course! It was chilly out so we wore some brown leggings. Thanks Ms. Jackie! We LOVE the dress(s)!!
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