Teething and Tantrums

Poor Edie..........Last week Edie developed a stomach bug which gave her many dirty diapers, a lack of appetite and I am sure stomach pains. On top of this we are pretty sure she is teething. She is visibly getting her right incisor tooth but we think she may also be getting in some larger teeth in the back. She is constantly sticking her thumb towards the back of her mouth and chewing on it. I have tried teething toys, teething biscuits as well as frozen washcloths. She does not seem to like anything as well as she likes her thumb. However what she does LOVE are the teething tablets. Are they really just sugar pills, placebos as some say? Or do they really do something? Whatever it is Edie loves it! I have been giving her 3 before bed and the other night she signed "more". She has only wanted crackers for the past 4 days but she wanted "more" teething tablets!

We think at this point Edie is over her bug - but the crying seems to persist. Almost everything over the weekend upset her. We have never seen her cry so much. In fact, because she hardly ever cries, when she does it sends Scott and I into panic/stress mode. We just do not know how to handle it. We hate not being able to soothe and seeing her so upset. I am sure some has to do with still feeling a little puny but we are beginning to wonder if she is pulling one over on us.

She got a little too accustomed to eating just Gold Fish and Ritz crackers during her stomach bug. We made her pancakes, waffles, oatmeal (twice), toast, pb&j, fish sticks, chopped meat, veggies, chicken noodle soup,muffin tops - all of her favorites and she still wanted nothing but crackers! So what did we do? We gave our baby crackers and still this morning all she wanted was crackers. Luckily Gigi was able to get her to eat creamed potatoes and meatballs today so maybe things will begin to get back to normal. We hope so anyway. I miss her little potbelly!!

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  1. I love catching up on Edie's World. I'm sorry she was feeling sick and hope she is better now. I feel the same way when Allie gets upset because it is usually rare. Although, lately it seems to happen more. I'm hoping it isn't her being spoiled, but just a phase - or separation crying. I do recall a long weekend of her crying a lot - sad, silent crying - she was teething and that coupled with stopped up ears must have given her lots of pain as those teeth hit nerves or something. But, she never pulled at her ears or had a fever as everyone tells us to look for. Our babies are tough! Good luck figuring it all out. Give me hints if you get some. :-) See you soon!