So Much to Say.......So Little Time

Man. I am so behind! So much has happened and most so long ago I am going to try and remember it all for you.........
We went home to Billingsley for the Davis Family Reunion last Saturday. This was Edie's 2nd reunion. We had family from FL, MS and all over AL to attend. It is always great to see everyone and catch up. There was actually a lot of the kids (I am referring to myself too) there this year. It never last long enough and with Edie needing a nap it was cut especially short for us. We all had fun and ate a lot of great home cooking! There was some buzz about having it in Piedmont, AL next year which will be a nice change and a lot of fun. I am looking forward to it!!
A few weeks ago Edie visited Dr. Cortopasi for her checkup. She got two shots HEP A and a flu shot. She also had blood drawn for her yearly thyroid test. Things did not go so well this visit. Dr. Cortopasi was running behind due to the overwhelming amount of sick kids on a Monday (note to self - never schedule an appointment on a Monday again!) Because of the delay Scott had to go back to work before the shots were administered which threw me into a panic since he is the one who always holds Edie's hands and body while I look away because for one I can not stand needles and for two I especially can not stand seeing my baby cry. I did step up to the plate to hold Edie and practally cried along with her. She was so pitiful. The nurse had a little trouble finding a good vein and by the time she inserted the needle Edie was already in tears. She laied there looking up at the nurse crying to the point that she started making this "ooooo...ohhh....ooooo" noise. It was the saddest, weirdest, cutest noise all at the same time. Man I love that baby girl and I hate to see her hurt. After the nurse was done she quietened down a little but then when I laied her back down to put on her clothes she fell apart. I finally got her to calm down to a few sniffles when she saw her big, pink, camo band aid on her arm and started to scream again. Poor baby cried herself to sleep on the way home holding on to her big, pink, camo band aid.
The good news of the visit was they thyroid test came back normal. Edie is now 20 lbs 3 oz. She is 50th percentile in weight which is great! And 90th percentile in height on the DS chart which is great too! Dr. Cortopasi said she may just have her Daddy's height!!

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