Look at Me!

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Edie has been walking with her push toy for several weeks now - but this past Saturday she really showed off!! We were at a friends house for the game and Edie grabbed Anna James' push toy and went to town. At one point they were both walking together. It was so cute!! I have never seen her so determined to use the push toy. Later that evening she went to town with her own push toy. One thing I have learned about Edie is she does things on her own time and to her own tune. We have tried working with her in the past on walking and if she does not want to do it there is really no "making" her. But everyone was right. Edie will do it when she is good and ready. And she was ready Saturday!! I bet she would have walked all night long!!

Now we just have to learn to navigate. Once Edie hits the wall she can not physically turn the toy around. So she just sits, bounces on her bottom and grunts until we move it around for her. I know she will figure it out soon a long with bending her knees when she walks which is a big issue for most children with DS. They tend to sometimes want to lock their knees and "waddle". Poor baby - I apologize for the pants. She has enough things to concentrate on with out having to trip over her pants and their being 6" too long. I promise not to do it again!! But as you can see it did not slow her down a bit!


  1. Way to go, Edie!! I knew the other day when we were at the park that Edie was ready to just take off. Now you are really going to have a tornado of toys in your house :).

  2. Great job, Edie!! We loved watching your video and learning new things from your Mommy's post. Thanks for showing us how well you walk. We are so very proud of you! See you at the Buddy Walk!