Six Steps

While I was out of town over the weekend visiting with friends Scott sent me this video he had made with his phone. It melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes. We have been working with Edie all summer on walking with a push toy. Most days she wants nothing to do with it while others she will give it a try. We started by holding her entire body up while she pushed. After a few weeks we moved to just holding her under her bottom while she pushed. And now look at her! Six steps! If you listen closely you can hear her say "Da Da" while she is walking.

Of course once I got home I tried to see her do this in person and again she wanted no part of it. Each time we tried to stand her up to the handles she would literally hold her knees up in the air so that her feet would not touch the ground. She would dangle in that position for a while and start to whine. I think all she really wanted to do was be left alone to play with her new doll house.

She is so fun to play with and now she has really began to "play". Don't get me wrong she still likes to pull out everything from her toy box and throw it on the floor. But she has now also started to concentrate on one toy and actually play with it for a period of time. We bought her a Little People doll house complete with daddy, mommy and baby. Right now she likes to put the people through the door and close it, through the windows and peek in then she pulls them out and does it over and over. She lays on her belly so she peek through the door and see where they fall. Last night I was playing "daddy" and I would hold him outside of the door and play like he was talking to her. While I was doing this I would make him wiggle back and forth. She looked at him and studied his moving. She then took mommy and placed her on the floor - held both of the mommy's hands with her little fingers and wiggled mommy back and forth just like I was. It was so cute. She is so observant and is constantly trying to mimic what we do and say.

On Friday she even tried to hold up just three fingers. For what ever reason I have been stuck on the number three and showing her three fingers while saying three. I am always saying things like....."Edie has 3 crackers", 'Edie has 3 books", etc., etc. Friday while at her changing table I told her "Edie has had 3 dirty diapers today" and I held up three fingers. I promise she looked at her hand, looked back at mine and spread her fingers, then pushed down her thumb. She was trying to say 3!!

It is the little things like this that make me love her more and more each day. The video is a little grainy and her pants are falling down - but who cares. Our baby is WALKING!!!!


  1. we are so proud of her!!

  2. way to go, edie!! that is awesome! she is about to be non-stop on the go :). we need to get her and carter together for some playtime. he pretends with his cars like they are "mommy and baby cars" and makes them talk to each other. i think they would have fun :). OH, i love the new blog shot! such a cute pic of edie with her thumb in her mouth, and it looks awesome with the new background....it's one of my faves.

  3. Anonymous29.7.09

    GiGi and Giddo are so proud of all the new things you are doing. You never cease to amaze us! We love you so much.


    Giddo and GiGi

  4. Anonymous29.7.09

    Yeah Edie! You are on your way! I am so proud of you!


    Aunt Mindy