First Dentist Visit

Edie had her first trip to the dentist to show off all 7 1/2 of her teeth. It was a pretty easy visit. After Edie entertained everyone in the waiting area with her toothbrush skills (she loves to chew on her green toothbrush) we headed to the back. We had fun with the hygienist just playing with all of the gadgets (she will one day cringe at). But today it was all about fun. She got a gum massage, water shots, tongue suckers and all kinds of goodies to take home.
After all of the playing the Dr. came in to assess Edie's teeth. As we already knew Edie's teeth are coming in - in a random pattern which is not uncommon for DS babies. However, he said that her pattern is even more random than the norm for DS. Everything about Edie is unique which makes our life all that more interesting.
I was advised that she may never even get all of her baby teeth which may lead to not getting all of her adult teeth - while in another case she may have too many teeth!! It makes my head spin! So we decided not to even think about the unknown right now. She will go back after her 2nd birthday and at that time if all of her teeth have not appeared we will then have x-rays to see what is going on. But for now she is looking good. She is getting her molars which is making eating easier and more fun because we get to eat all kinds of things now!
Edie's favorite foods are fish sticks, mini corn dogs, Gigi's Mac and Cheese, sauteed squash (on her good days), green beans, carrots, grilled cheese and ANYTHING bread related especially when it has syrup on it. Desserts are cooked apples, mini vanilla wafers, pudding and cool whip. Tonight we had a chicken pot pie which I just knew she would love. Not so much. Edie is just too smart! She knew it was not homemade like Gigi's so she fed most of it to Ziggy. At least Ziggy left the table with a full belly. I guess experimenting is what it is all about - right?

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  1. Giddo andagGiGi23.7.09


    GiGi is going to make you some homemade chicken pot pie and mac and cheese really soon. We're glad everything went well at the dentist. One thing is for sure, you know how to use those teeth. We love you, love you, love you!


    Giddo and GiGi