We have so many loved ones who have contacted us to see how Edie did with her surgery. Thank you.....we love you! So just a quick update before we head out to The Bell Center.
Edie did great! She was actually able to get the larger tubes than most babies with DS. This means that we will not have to go back for a while to have replaced. Dr. D did not know this until he began the procedure, so it was some great news. It took about 2 hrs of waiting and 30 minutes more while Edie was in surgery. When they brought her to us she had obviously been crying and continued for about 20 more minutes. The nurse stated that the anesthesia confuses them and makes them scared. Once it got out of her system she dank some juice and we were able to go home.
She slept for the next 2 1/2 hrs! Then she was good as new. She even climbed the stairs for the first time ever! All by herself! So it is time for a baby gate. She has been such a busy body lately it is hard to stay still. Once I have more time I will post the photos from the big day. I have to get going....Edie is trying to eat Ziggy's food!

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