My Friend Bergen

Bergen invited all of her friends to her birthday party a few weeks ago at Kindermusak. The babies had a lot of fun playing music on the drums, singing, eating cake and playing together. I have been very interested in Kindermusak (not sure of spelling) for a while. This is a service they offer to all children in various locations around town. The children and parents join others and play instruments and sing songs a few days a week. I know Edie would love this. The group that is closest to our home does not offer groups until age of 18 months. So we have a little while longer. It was nice of Bergen's parents to host Bergen's party at one of the locations and give us a taste of what it is all about. Bergen is in the top left photo with Edie beating on the drums - she is too precious. Happy 2nd Birthday Bergen!!

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  1. Looks like it was fun! I'm interested in doing Kindermusik, too. Maybe we can get Edie and Allie going at the same time. Keep me posted on when you are going if you'd like to do this.