We had a wonderful Christmas with Edie and our families. Edie woke early to see what Santa had brought to her. She loved opening the packages containing tissue paper - so she could eat it! Santa brought her many toys, clothes, and a ladybug bubble wand. One of Santa's little Elf's also stopped by to introduce himself to Edie. He said he would be back next year to visit longer and play games with her. He also said that we could give him a name then too!
After Christmas at our house we headed to Gigi and Giddo's for lunch and more gift giving. We then left for Aunt Kelli's for a "late lunch" and more gifts. Needless to say by the end of the day we were stuffed and our car was full! Some of Edie's favorite toys are her dollie (who giggles), her pop ball toy, slinky, wooden puzzle, wagon and push car. (I am trying to figure out how to upload a video of her in her push car so you can see how much fun she has in it as well)

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